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iWestern.com provides both MTO-approved driver's ed and driving instructor courses.

   iWestern.com Academic Driving School 

MTO Approved Driver's Ed Course Provider

iWestern.com is leading road safety - a promise for a happier and safer life. We focus on Defensive Driving Education to make sure you drive safely all your life long and pass your road test at present.


 iWestern.com teaches a new chapter on road safety. Enroll with us and experience the difference.

We also organize MTO Approved Driving Instructor Courses

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Ever wondered what makes us one of the best MTO Approved Drivers Ed. Course Provider in Ontario!

MTO Approved Drivers Ed. Course Provider:

Students will receive 20 hours of knowledge and 10 hours of in-car driving instructions.  After the completion of the course, students will be certified by the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario.  Your waiting time to get G2 license will be reduced from 12 months to 8 months.  Also, you will be eligible to get maximum insurance discount with your insurance company.

Low Rates for all Students and New Canadians

At iWestern.com, everyone is considered a student.  If you are attending Western, Fanshawe, a high school, and/or attending any other private institution your rate will be the same low students’ rate.  We are the number one choice of all students in the London area.  We are also pleased to keep the same low rate for all newcomers.

Canada Safety Council Defensive Driving Courses

iWestern.com is also licensed to organize and teach Canada Safety Council Defensive Driving Courses for experienced drivers.  In these courses, students will learn how to predict an undesirable traffic situation that may lead to a collision.  And therefore, safely prepare defensive strategies and successfully manage the undesirable traffic situation to prevent collisions.

One on one Instructions for Better Results (In-Car)

At iWestern.com all in-car instructions are one on one " one student at a time."  This will make it easier for the student to focus, think, decide and therefore manoeuvre the car safely. It will also assist the instructors to fully focus on one student at a time to get maximum results.

Professional, Patient and Dedicated Instructors

iWestrn.com instructors are university graduates. They are trained & licensed by the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario. They are patient and cooperative with all new and nervous learners.  Our instructors are also receiving training and feedback from the master instructor regularly.

Convenient Central Location for All Students

iWestern.com office and classrooms are conveniently located in the core students' area of Cherryhill Village Mall.   Students can get easy access to all city buses and all other amenities.  Also, we have a convenient parking lot for parents to pick up and drop off students at all times.

Below are some useful links for the new drivers and new Canadians to get G1 license or book a road test in Ontario.